Student life

Event & Festivals:
Throughout the year students of this institute host a numbers of events and fest. Those events and fest are Drawing-Poster Competition, Fresher’s welcome ceremony, Viswakarma Puja, Saraswati Puja, Annual Socio-Culture fest etc. These events are organised jointly by the students and institution. These events help the students to get relief from their regular routine of lecturers, laboratory assignment, assessment etc. These events and festivals help the student to think beyond the class and encourage them to do something new. Also Kanyapur Polytechnic Student Hostel arrange different events and festivals for its boarders so that they can achieved a home like atmosphere.

Games & Sports:
Games and sports are important for obtaining success in every stage of life. So institute inspires its students to different games and sports. A play ground is available in the campus for this purpose. Cricket, football, volleyball, badminton, athletics etc are played by the students. Gymnasium facility is available to the KPSH. Moreover table-tennis board is also available as indoor game. The Institute also encourages active participation of the students in sports especially in annual sports. Last year an friend cricket match between students and teacher is arranged by the students.
KPSH provide sports facilities of its boarders so that they stay fit and encourages them to actively participate in all the sports events conducted throughout the year.

Hostel facilities:
Hostel facility is only available for boys. A hostel named ‘Kanyapur Polytechnic Student Hostel’ is situated inside the south-west corner of the campus. There are twenty four rooms available in the hostel gin its three floors. Accommodations for seventy two boarders are available. Dining room and gymnasium are situated at the ground floor. Television facilities are also available in a separate room at first floor for news updates and games.

Common Room:
Common room facilities are available for both boys and girls. Following the guideline of AICTE common rooms of 90 sq m and 60 sq m are arranged for boys and girls respectively. Those two common rooms are situated at ground and first floor of new building of this institute.

Health & Wellness:
There is a ‘Sick Room’ cum health check up centre following the guide line of AICTE for good health of students, faculties and stuff of this institute. It is located in the campus to easy reach of all. A general physician visits the centre every week.

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