Kanyapur Polytechnic campus is located near to the Asansol Ramkrishna Mission Ashram. Main building is located at the south of the main entrance. It consists of administrative and academic section in its four floors. Some of the amenities are also located in this building. There are Heat Engine lab, Fluid Power Lab, Machine Lab of dept of Mechanical Engineering, Power System Lab, Electrical Machine lab, Workshop of dept. Of Electrical Engineering are located at the ground floor. Cafeteria is also located at the ground floor of main building. Library and class rooms for all the three departments are located at the first floor. Faculty room, room of HoD(Mechanical & Electrical), Physics lab, Principal chamber, Office-1, Central Store and Drawing hall-1 are located at second floor. Smart Class Room, Training & Placement Cell, Chemistry Lab, Examination Section, Office-2, room of HoD(Computer Sc), Tutorial room, Seminar Hall, Drawing Hall-2 are located at third floor.

There is a small kitchen garden at the front of the main building. Seasonal flower are blooming in the garden which adds beauty to the campus. New building is located at the east side of the campus. Boy’s common room, class room of computer science, Electronic Lab, CDTP class room are located at the ground floor. Girl’s common room, Computer Lab-1 & 2, CAD Lab are located at the first floor. Mechanical workshop is located at the west side of the campus. There are five different workshops consisting of Machine shop, Welding shop, Fitting shop, Pattern shop and Foundry shop. Total are of the Mechanical workshop is about 1500 sq m. Play ground is located at the west of the main building and south of the mechanical workshop. Kanyapur Polytechnic Student Hostel is located at the south-west corner of the campus. There are twenty four rooms along with a gymnasium & common room.

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