Academic Program

Kanyapur Polytechnic claims the best method of the teaching-learning technique as per the guideline. Here, a small group of students come under one teacher, who took the duty for their academic, beyond academic as well as to their career options for the entire three years of study.

Kanyapur Polytechnic, affiliated under WBSCT & VE & SD, provides adequate technical knowledge and training in four different diploma courses. Which are as follows,

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Science & Humanities
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Computer Science & Technology

Besides, we are facilitating all-round development of the students by conducting various activities like Quiz, Entrepreneurship Programs, Sports & other various events.

Translate the Invention, Aims & Ambition into Existence

We boost the outreach of education and training by introducing flexibility and technology-based knowledge and penetrate exuberantly arched for better development.